Family Practice Berlin - Sylvia Kollmann M.D.

On October 1, 2023 a new family physician, Sandra Blumenthal ( , will be taking over the practice.I will be supporting her and filling in for her as needed. It has been an honor to serve you, the international community in Berlin, for the past 18 years.

Sylvia Kollmann

A medical office as international as the United Nations

As a bilingual family practice physician (GP) serving the international community in Berlin, I specialize in taking care of the acute as well as chronic illnesses of my patients. My office also provides general physicals, health insurance exams, immunizations and other preventive health care measures. If needed, I also refer patients to English speaking specialists throughout the city. Each individual patient as well as his/her environment is equally important in my friendly, personalized medical office in which the entire family is welcome. As an English native speaker, who has studied and worked both in the US and German medical systems, I enjoy treating and interacting with the international community.  My office cooperates with the US Embassy in Berlin and is on the list of English language health care providers provided by the embassy. I also serve as a consultant to various international schools and organizations in the city as intercultural communication is one of my strong points.

I am also well trained in the psychosomatic aspects of medical illness and work holistically.

Visit my office for any health issues and you will receive competent and friendly care in an office which is as international as the UN!